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Business Detox - The Program

A 360 Transformation for you and your business for ultimate alignment and success

A 7 weeks Journey to ditch all that is draining your energy and driving you away from your true potential. A total Reset of your Body, Mind, and Spirit for ultimate alignment and uplevel in your Life and Business!

We start on 18th July 2022​

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia


Starting my business was challenging; it was just me. I tried to be organised and disciplined, and things were just not working, business was taking over my life, and it was not fun!

I have been here before, and I recognised similar patterns. I experienced these same feelings when I was a workaholic; I instantly remembered how it was to feel overwhelmed and overworked and how much it cost me when I neglected all the other areas of my life.

Doing the same thing repeatedly without getting a different result is the simple definition of insanity. It felt like I was relieving all that pain again, a place I was unwilling to travel to.

The art of reinventing myself was always something I used as a coping mechanism.

After much investment in personal development and trial and error to curb my workaholic habits, Business Detox was born, a complete 360 transformative process that has equipped me and others with the tools to change that narrative and trust a whole new way of being.

You can also have that balance; through this experience, you will be equipped with the tools and support to transform your life.

It is time to ditch overwork and overwhelm and bring balance to your life and business.

When you do, everything starts to flow and fall into place.

Showing up will feel so natural to you and in total alignment with your whole being and how you do business.

Imagine how amazing it would feel not to be on your phone 24/7, and instead create time for what you love like dancing or meeting friends.

You may think you can do this on your own. Honestly, what is the fun in that? Who will challenge you and keep you on track?

It is time to show up and use your gifts from a place of ease and flow.


Give me 7 weeks and I’ll make sure that

You will manage your time effectively, without feeling you have to work 24/7 to be successful.

You will go through a body detox, which will help you boost your stamina and energy.
You will feel lighter, physically, emotionally, and digitally which will help you enhance your creativity.
You will equip yourself with tools to help you declutter your space, creating room for more focus.

You will learn how to release your frustrations and embody all the feelings you want to welcome in.

You will look into your financial well-being, manifesting all your financial goals.
You will ditch all the limiting beliefs that hold you back from your true potential.
You will feel refreshed and revitalised with a new lease of motivation, creativity, and energy.

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia

Get to know your host!


Your Host, Lucia Margarida Pestana, is a catalyst for life and business. Transformation.

In the past ten years, she has experienced a successful career in Human Resources by being a trailblazer in the industry.

She is the proud owner of Pestana’s HR & Coaching, providing HR Services and Career and Business Development Coaching,  after being made redundant in 2020. 

Her career is not what defines Lucia; her charismatic nature, kindness, and ability to listen and provide perspective in hardship are. A problem shared is a problem solved; this is one of her mottos.

Lucia has been living in the UK for the last 24 years; that is how many years she has been on her personal development journey.

Her gift is bringing people together as an HR Professional and a Career and Business Development Coach. The common denominator is always People.

With that in mind, she is always passionate About positively impacting the lives and businesses of everyone around her.

Something you may not know about Lucia, she is a rock chick and loves Metallica, she has seen them in concert four times.

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia

Check out what past participants have to say!

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Why invest in                   

Business Detox (2).png

The best part about investing in Business Detox is that you don’t have to wait six months before seeing a new perspective forming about the way you see your business and life.

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia

You can have your own unique Business Detox Experience, too; like with Luisa, I will always allow your energy to guide me to deliver what you most need at the time.



Breaking up

You will break up and start a new relationship with your phone, so you can free your time to do things you love.



You will learn to connect with all parts of yourself differently, without neglecting any areas of your life and business.



You will have more clarity and focus on your life, which will enhance your creativity.

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia

Here is a list of possible results one could walk away with once implementing the digital detox in your life & business

Feel lighter 

Once you complete the Body Detox; you will feel lighter and more energized

Emotional Detox

By Completing your Emotional Detox, you will learn to let go of what is holding you back and making you play small.

More Focus

By completing the Digital Detox, you will clear your Inbox, phone, or computer allowing for more focus and fewer distractions

More room for clients

Once you complete the Business Detox, you will create room for what you mean to bring to your clients

Make more space

Once you complete your space/environment detox you will create space for more things to enter our life.

Finances in order

By completing the Financial detox you will create space to put your finances in order and manifest more sundance into your life

What do you get access to when you join Digital Detox?

What past clients have to say

“The 7-day Business Detox was EPIC! Although I have no business, it helped me clear my head out and gain clarity on what I’m doing and where I’m heading - both in my career and my personal life too!
Lucia’s approach is very kind and gentle. It feels a little as if she had taken us on a journey. She taught us techniques that will stay with us forever so we can always use them later when needed in our life.
Worth the time and money!”

Gabriella Gungle - Design Sales executive 

“ Unfortunately, l wasn’t in a good place when l did detox, and l participated maybe 10%, but it fueled the process that was slowly beginning of de-cluttering my environment. I am still Detoxing everything.
I wasn’t in the best place when l took Lucia’s Business Detox course. Still, even not 100% participating from a distance of a few months, l can see that it laid a foundation for my business to take big steps, which required clear vision and sharp decision making.
I highly recommend this course for every small business owner, who is wearing so many hats that inevitably start tripping over themselves)”

Dovile Riebschlager


7 Live Training Sessions


7 Workbooks


Daily tasks five days a week


4 Q&A/ Mastermind Sessions


7 Meditations 



Business Detox (2).png

Join us by 11.59 pm Friday; you will also get

3 Months Pu$$y Portal Sisterhood Circle ticket ( worth £66)

1-2-1 90 minutes Mastermind session to laser focus on your Business ( Worth £455) 

Access to all Masterclasses for the next six months (Worth £350.00)

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia

Breakdown of what you get when you join

Business Detox (2).png

Digital Detox - The program

For you, who feels your business can benefit from your own healing

For you who are at a crossroads. You are showing up, but nothing is happening as you desire; everything feels forced, and hard work

For you that try to play safe all the time with your showing up, your offers, etc.

For you that know deep inside is holding you back from your potential.

For you, who is getting comfortable with achieving safe little results.

The person who is not willing to implement what they learn

The person who is not prepared to experience new possibilities

The person who is not prepared to experience new possibilities

The person who is perfectly comfortable hiding behind a business persona and is not ready to explore her creativity and gift.

The person who is not willing to show up as themselves in life and business

Is for

Is NOT for

Everyone has their favorite Detox, the one they need; the most! Yet the magic happens when they all unite and support your vision and growth.

  • Can I pay in Instalments?
    Yes, we have 2 and 3 instalments payment plan. Need more flexible payment plan, let's discuss it on a DM.
  • When The Programme Starts?
    The next batch of Digital Detox starts on 18th July 2022
  • If something happens to me, can I get a refund?
    No, but you can defer the time to complete the course within a year.

Are you ready to Rest your Mind, Body & Business for ultimate alignment and success!

If you would like to know more about payment plans DM Lucia

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