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Business Detox

3 days to Reset your Mind, Body, and business for ultimate alignment and success!

We will spend three days together resetting your energy and letting go of what is draining your energy in your business for ultimate alignment and success in all areas of life and business.

We start on 4th July 2022

What will the 3-day detox be about?

Day One
Digital Detox to eliminate your distractions and increase productivity clearing time and space so that you can focus on what is important. 
Day Two
Emotional Detox to clear all those doubts self-limiting beliefs that stop you from shining your beautiful light and your gifts! 
Day Three

Business Detox clearing what is no longer working in your business to unleash and expand your creativity! 

When I think of detoxing, I never associate it with fad diets or restrictions.

For me detoxing is a physical and emotional process to release all the garbage accumulated in our life, body, and spirit. This process brings me closer to the source, the creator, and ultimately to the most authentic and rawest version of who I am

As a recovering workaholic, I often was so consumed with working long hours I would neglect all other areas of my life, and this is what I recognise in many of my clients who are business owners.

It is so easy to get consumed with work, working long hours with few breaks to the point that you even forget to eat.

When you no longer can differentiate weekdays from weekends, you don’t even see the results or reap the benefits of all the work you have been putting in.

This is a direct result of not being in alignment with all areas of your life and carrying a bucketload of clutter that is no longer serving you be it physical, emotional, or business-related.

Imagine how good it would feel about working less and bringing balance to your work without compromising your results.

Imagine how amazing it would feel not to be on your phone 24/7, and instead create time for what you love like dancing or meeting friends.

Imagine how more productive you can be when all areas of your life are balanced and aligned, giving you that most incredible feeling of joy and bliss.

Imagine how it would feel to be able only to focus on the areas of your business that bring you the most joy and fulfillment without having to compromise your time


Give me 3 days and I’ll make sure that

You will manage your time effectively, without feeling you have to work 24/7 to be successful.
You will feel lighter, physically, emotionally, and digitally which will help enhance your creativity
You will equip yourself with tools to help declutter your business and your life.
You will learn how to release frustrations and realign with your business purpose. 
You will feel refreshed & revitalised with a new lease of motivation and energy.

Get to know your host!

Lucia Margarida Pestana is an HR Professional and a Career and Business Development Coach. She is passionate about positively impacting the lives and businesses of everyone around her.

Her charismatic nature and business acumen have given her several awards and nominations for her contributions as a trailblazer and impactful contributor to any business. She is a true investor in people and loves sharing her knowledge.

She is a catalyst for transformation, always leading with people’s gifts ensuring successful partnerships. 

Check out what past participants have to say!

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